About the Project


We are ten graduate students studying Museum Studies at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. Our project began as an effort not only to educate the public about Greensboro’s textile mill village history, but also to engage people in an online community. From conception to design, the website has been an educational and rewarding endeavor. Over the course of 10 months we recorded 20 oral interviews, held half a dozen public programs, and engaged in countless conversations, virtually and in person. We have learned so much from the mill villagers and their families. Please join us in preserving the memories of the mill villages and reflecting on their legacies. 


Members of the seminar “Museum and Historic Site Interpretation” (History/Interior Architecture 627), Spring 2010:

Katie Bates, Brooke Elliott, Brandie Fields, Sarah McNulty, Corinne Midgett, Dale Pennington, Kat Sikes, Serena Sutliff, Emily Thomas, Charlotte Wolfe, and Professor Benjamin Filene