Wilma Kirkpatrick Scrapbook, 1919 – 1929

Wilma Kirkpatrick of Waynesville, North Carolina was a student at the North Carolina College for Women (now the University of North Carolina at Greensboro). She graduated in 1923 with a Bachelor of Science degree. Apart from her studies, Kirkpatrick was also a member of the Tennis Club. The Wilma Kirkpatrick Scrapbook contains materials dating from 1919 to 1929. It is titled My Memory Book: North Carolina College and is predominantly annotated in white ink on black paper. The Scrapbook contains photographs of campus and of peers, pictures, invitations, autographs and sentiments, event programs, correspondence, receipts, clippings, college documents, and memorabilia such as candy wrappers, ribbons, dried flowers, as well as a pressed cigarette and a few spoons.