Additional Resources

Additional digitized material relating to the Price School and to Warnersville in general:

Abraham Peeler Papers
Abraham H. Peeler (1904-1991) was an important leader in the local African American community for many decades. He is perhaps best remembered as the principal of J.C. Price Elementary School, a position he held from 1931 to 1969. This collection is rich in information relating to the local public school system, particularly J.C. Price School, and the evolution of African American education in North Carolina. The Price School Scrapbook is particularly noteworthy as it documents the long history of the school.

Greensboro Voices
“Greensboro Voicing Observations in Civil Rights and Equality Struggles,” or VOICES, provides access to a collection of 125 oral interviews housed in the Greensboro Public Library and in the University Archives of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The recordings, collected over the past thirty years, provide a rich resource for historical research concerning the Civil Rights Movement in the Greensboro area.” (From the Greensboro Voices web site.)

Warnersville Exhibits (Greensboro History Museum)
Interactive exhibits.

Warnersville Interviews: A community family, remembered with pride
Community voices from the Warnersville area of Greensboro, NC. These videos were presented as part of the history museum’s exhibit “Warnersville: Our Home, Our Neighborhood, Our Stories.”

Warnersville Redevelopment Documents (Greensboro Public Library)
Documents relating to the redevelopment of Warnersville in the post-World War II “urban renewal” era.

Yardley Warner, the freedman’s friend
Documents the life of Yardley Warner, the founder of Warnersville.

Related oral history interviews from the William Henry Chafe Oral History Collection: