Hilda Weil Scrapbook, 1922 – 1926

This scrapbook, created by Hilda Weil between 1922 and 1926, document’s Weil’s time as a student at the North Carolina College for Women (now The University of North Carolina at Greensboro). The scrapbook contains materials and ephemera related to membership in “Orchesus,” a class toast to Juniors from Seniors, the 1926 class song lyrics, ephemera related to Weil’s membership in the Adelphian Society, a letter announcing a delay in the opening of the college after winter break in 1922, menus from the Hylmore Tea Room and the O. Henry Hotel, materials related to the 1924 fund drive for the building of the Alumni House, newspaper clippings about the Curry Building fire, a history of the “Junior Shop,” and materials related to Weil’s term as Senior Class president.