Emma Gertrude Hutaff Clark Scrapbook, 1915 – 1919

Emma Gertrude Hutaff Clark of Fayetteville, NC was a student at the State Normal and Industrial College (now the University of North Carolina at Greensboro), entering in 1915 and leaving in 1917. The Emma Gertrude Hutaff Clark Scrapbook dates from 1915 to 1919. Its pages are black and annotated in white ink. The scrapbook contains mounted photographs that feature various aspects of the State Normal and Industrial College and student life. Photographs depict various friends and campus scenes, including 1917 Commencement, a student in a class sweater, a production of “Mice and Men,” 1916 Commencement, 1916 Junior and Senior Marshalls, 1916 May Day Pageant, 1916 Class Mascot, a student wearing a gym suit, the campus tennis courts, the Cornelian goat, and several teachers, including W.C. Jackson, Julius Frost, and Miss Coit.